Drag Extravaganza: Lord Hicks & Mighty Bear

Cabaret meets drag !
Lord Hicks (UK) performs at Loft this Thursday.
Support by Mighty Bear from Drag-Súgur
Free entry – starts at 21:00

Lord Hicks
… was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but has been educated on the streets. An old-fashioned romantic, armed with only a ukulele and cut-glass diction, he navigates 21st century life through the medium of song. His lordship performs regularly in cabaret venues both in London and abroad and continues to delight his fans on the YouTube. This is the first time he has graced the land of ice and fire with his presence and he is very excited

Mighty Bear

Hypnotising drama filled dream glitter.
Mighty bear creates soundscapes for difficult minds.
Neither he or she but an entity on it’s on.
Not a drag queen but a drama queen

Mighty bear has been performing with the dragsúgur group and with the help of the care bears.
A feast for the eyes with video pieces to follow.