Speed dating / Speed friending at Loft


It’s time for another romantic and fun night at Loft!

Are you still stuck in 2013, swiping your Tinder feed, not realizing that a real life connection is the key? Or are you simply in the mood to meet some new friends and share a few drinks? WELL WEDNESDAY 04.04.2018 IS THE EVENING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

This event is for everyone, straight and LGBT, and our goal is to give people a space to meet, make friends and possibly score a date!

Rules are simple:

Just sign up with the host upon arrival, take your assigned seat and get ready for your speedy date. Each date will last only 5 minutes, so make sure you use the time wisely, because once the bell rings, you will start another 5 minute long date with a different partner! You will also receive a piece of paper so you can write down which partner(s) you liked the most, then hand it in to your host at the end of the dating time so we can figure out if there are any matches! And that’s it! Once we have your little notes with partner preferences and notice that two people express a shared interest in each other, you then have the opportunity to exchange contact information and further pursue the relationship on your own terms and go on an actual (hopefully longer than 5 minutes) date! ūüôā

Who knows maybe you’ll meet the love of your life, but even if that doesn’t occur, you will most likely end up having an awesome time, and making loads of friends along the way! So don’t be shy, come, sign up and make the most out of this night!

Free entry. Wheelchair accessible.

From episode 2 last month: