Karaoke : Noughties!

Hey NOUGHTY kids! It’s time to shake up those vocal chords and synchronized dance moves, because it’s time for our karaoke night at Loft this Thursday! Theme: NOUGHTIES! (00’s-10’s) The karaoke legend María Oddný will be the host of the evening. We start at 20:00! Arrive early to put your name on the list and grab some drinks at the bar, and your moment tearing up the stage awaits! Free Ópal shot for who ever dares to … Read more Karaoke : Noughties!

Swap til you drop market

Every last WEDNESDAY of each months at 16:30, give your old clothes & books a new life and find cool stuff for yourself. it’s Swap time again! The rules are simple: 1. Do you have books, shoes or clothes that you don’t use anymore? Please, bring them and place them to the designated areas. 2. Do you find something you love? Feel free to take it! 3. Spend some quality time with good friends and like-minded people, … Read more Swap til you drop market

Foosball Tournament

Starts at 20.00 and ends at 22.30. This Saturday Games will be organized at random and whatever player will have won the most games by 22.30, wins. If you’re not there the whole time, no problem, youre just not getting any wins while not present. Rules: -no spinning -no snakeshots -no score on first touch It’s more about chilling and having a good time together than winning. Although winning is fun as well. Happy hour prices at … Read more Foosball Tournament

Eurovision karaoke !

Summer is officially here and you know what that means : Eurovision time! Our karaoke night hostess María will be hosting a EUROVISION themed karaoke night and wants to hear your favorite Eurovision songs! Wild dances? Waterloo? All out of luck? Fly on the wings of love? Gleðibankinn? Arrive early to put your name on the list and your moment tearing up the stage awaits! LOVE AND ENDLESS EURO-JOY! Free entry. No age restrictions. Starts at 20:00 … Read more Eurovision karaoke !

Speed dating / Speed friending

SPEED DATING/SPEED FRIENDING EPISODE 4 IS UPON US! 2nd of May from 20:00-23:00. Yes, there are still dates to be set, matches to be made, and new friendships to be formed! After the successes of previous speed dating/friending nights, we decided to give you a double chance to expand your friend circle, or your dating experience! We’ll be having two nights like this in May, with the first one taking place on May 2nd, and the second … Read more Speed dating / Speed friending

Water colouring at Loft – Last one for now!

Water colouring at Loft Free entry as always. Utilites & teacher provided. Starts at 20.00. Welcome to the last night of water colouring at Loft for now. This tuesday will be the only watercolor night in May. The event will start again 19th of June and will continue to be every tuesday. On the top floor here at it’s cosy and nice – the perfect time to come together, family, friends & strangers and break out the … Read more Water colouring at Loft – Last one for now!

Gróa Release concert tonight

GRÓA – Release concert at Loft. Free entry and everybody is welcome. On Thursday 26th of April GRÓA will be celebrating a release of their first album at Loft. Tobolsk Catwalk Orchestra will start the evening at 20:30 with some nice tunes and after that GRÓA will perform. The album contains GRÓA’s first seven songs and it costs 1500 krónur. A limited edition album.